Manage this year with personalized 2019 horoscope predictions

2019 Horoscope Personalised Prediction By PavitraJyotishDo you want to know what the year 2019 holds for you and your destiny? It is certainly a case of interesting reality to get to the bottom of your present and associated future outcomes through the medium of personalized horoscope that has been one of the most vital mediums for people to know what future holds in store for them. Speaking about 2019 Horoscope predictions, we can say that they are designed with an intention to give you a full-fledged or at least satisfactory detail of your present and future, accompanied by pieces of wise advice to follow for you to make your life well-managed and successful.

It is of great importance to know that in Vedic astrology, there is mention that astrology is a powerful branch of knowledge by which it is possible to predict future of a person born with a particular zodiac sign. Moreover, an accurate solution can also be provided based on planetary movements and their related influences in the life the person. Therefore, it should not be a matter of surprise to know that personalized astrology is a great way of managing your daily activity and upcoming ones wisely so that you can maximize the positive energy force of your planet, zodiac placement of House, and deal with many astrological factors rendering a host of different results in your life which make it either balanced or imbalanced, depending on the nature of the results, as analyzed in your horoscope.

Why should you opt for 2019 personalized astrology predictions report?

The year 2019 Career Horoscope report is a detailed analysis of your horoscope in which description in great length points out placement of your zodiac in House, planetary transit of a celestial body and its related effects, and many other crucial details, with several pieces of advice for you to follow. The reason you should opt for such a report is that you will be guided in a positive way based on the movement of your planet and its related implication. The guidance as recommended in the report is a great path-finder for you to understand the difference between negative and positive energy force and to accordingly make your daily routine.

Moreover, such report also gives you a great understanding and guidance about what needs to be followed so that you can bring positivity in a certain aspect of your life, be it finance, career, health or education.

For instance, if you are going through a bad phase in your career or you are not making a positive headway in terms of promotion or financial growth, then you should opt for a career astrology prediction report, a detailed account of everything you should follow to make your professional life better and successful. If you choose 2019 personalized yearly astrology, it will better serve your needs in terms of complete guidance and dos and don’ts pieces of advice. The instructions and guidance of the report will enable you to gain the most positive benefits from you’re the report.

Be informed that astrology is a powerful science by which an insight into your present and future tense can be obtained with certainty. All you need to do is to hire the service of a learned astrologer to have readied New Year astrology predictions for you.


Ask To Astrologer for Accurate Service Solution of Your Problems

Ask To astrologer By PavitraJyotish

Did you hear someone say that for your any problem, go and ask to astrologer for its solution? This is an obvious situation to witness these days Reason? Well, problems related to astrology are of abstract nature. This, therefore, lends more emphasize on the fact that the solution of such problems lies very much on a source or medium of a similar nature. To say otherwise, if you experience problems of astrological nature in your life, you need the solution of astrology to get rid of such problems.

Reasons to Talk To Astrologer:

The first thing to understand is that there are many problems related to astrology which even science fails to decipher and so, a solution of the same narrows down to a wild goose chase for the victim. Under such circumstances, the victim has to opt for an astrological consultation; not because it is the ultimate alternative to a well-founded and authentic medical science, but because astrology at least offers a realistic aspect of hope for survival.

Does that mean astrology has a permanent solution to a problem?

Astrology is the science of prediction and solution that has been in existence for a very long time. Therefore, the credibility of astrology as a remedial measure for a problem is not a groundless claim but a fact-proven statement which is being held in regards by countless people from across the globe. This boils down to the conclusion that astrology is an authentic science that can give a better solution to a host of medical syndromes caused by malefic planetary transits in the life of a victim.

One of the most important reasons to talk to astrologer is being close to a solution offered by a learned professional in the field of astrology. With internet technology being an inevitable source for comforting the life of people these days, one can opt for online consultation in which prompt astrological solution is provided by the professional.

The recommendation that one should talk to an astrologer on phone has been considered the best option for people affected by certain problems of their life due to malefic planetary transit. The beauty of such recommendation is that the conversation with a professional over the phone lays a solid grounding for a solution to your problems. You may talk to an astrologer on phone for 30 minutes or an hour, depending on your needs and nature of the concern.

How to find the best astrologer

To find the best astrologer of your desire is not an easy chore, considering there are countless professionals involved in this field. This clearly poses a certain dilemma in front of many people seeking the best professional for their astrological problems. If you are one of them, follow the tips narrated below.

Tips to find the best astrologer:

  • Make a great deal of research using Google and inputs provided by the search engine.
  • Based on the inputs, make a comparative analysis of the same.
  • Curate information on different sources curated from Google.
  • Measure the credibility of each astrologer online by reading reviews of their service

By following tips mentioned above, you will be able to find even the best astrologer in Delhi India. It should be born in mind that the solution of astrological nature depends on how learned the astrologer is. Therefore, if you have chosen an astrologer for the solution of your problem, make sure he/she is really standout in terms of accuracy and excellence of their service.

Summary: Astrology is predictive science offering best and accurate solution of various problems touching different aspects of your life. Check out how astrology helps you with the solution of your quest, as well as tips to find the best astrologer to serve your needs best.

Importance of Jupiter (Guru) Transit in Astrology

Importance of Jupiter Guru Transit in Astrology By PavitraJyotishJupiter, also known as Brihaspati, is the largest planet in the solar family. Accolades such as God of Justice and a Symbol of Wisdom led more gravity on the values of planet Guru. Besides, purity and meditation are certain elements represented by Guru Planet that which make it a worth-revering planet in its symbolic deity form. The position of Jupiter, as per the narrative of Vedic astrology, is exalted. Sagittarius and Pisces are zodiac signs ruled by Guru. Thursday is the most symbolic day representing Jupiter and it is believed that people born on this day endow the personality traits of integrity, rational thinking and sincerity because of the blessing of Jupiter.

Cyclic transit of Jupiter refers to the celestial development of this planet and the changes it brings forth in the lives of people ranging from growth in their personal and professional aspects to transition in career and finance, as well as other diversified sectors in their lives.

It must be noted that the astrological importance of Jupiter transit depends largely on your zodiac. For instance, when Guru Transits in Libra, the effects it delivers are positive ones for the Libra persons, as they find a diplomatic solution to various issues concerning with their lives.

Importance of Jupiter Transit in Astrology

Growth in the financial domain

Those suffering from monetary misery in their lives get a financial respite of a great deal because of benevolent Jupiter. Solutions to pending loans, loss in business and opportunity for new ideas and career growth are bound to happen with Jupiter transit. It is believed that, if positive headway is not being made in your career, it is solved by Jupiter transit, enabling you to shoulder your onus with ease and comfort in your career pursuit. Jupiter transit renders positive benefits to job seekers as well, as they land up in a gainful job situation.

Growth in wellbeing

The importance of Jupiter transit is that it brings forth perpetual growth and wellbeing in native’s lives. If someone has tried a lot to get the best return on investment from his invested money, he will get the positive result due to favorable Jupiter transit. A vacation pending for many days comes to its fruition, a decision to purchase a new vehicle gets materialized, and success in business comes due to Jupiter transit.

Solution to progeny issue

The transit of Jupiter leads to an effective solution about progeny or offspring of a person. Things related to birth, education, career, business etc. of your children get affected by the transit of Guru. It is advised that one must spend quality times with their offspring as it will reinforce the bond of relationship and dispel conflicts. Feuds associated with family or relatives also come to an easy sorting due to Jupiter transit.

Other benefits of Jupiter transit:

  • Transit of Jupiter in 2018 or any duration can produce the result of mental peace and wellbeing in the lives of people.
  • Positive results in religious and spiritual activities are bound to happen.
  • Physical wellbeing of a person improves.
  • Positive changes happen in business. Commercial expansion of your business thrives.

Know your Taurus Horoscope, strength and other individual traits


In zodiac, the position of Taurus is that of second. If we talk about the personality trait of people born under Taurus zodiac sign, we can say they are endowed with some of the greatest virtues in this regard, including the fact that they are responsible and devoted people.

What makes Taurus people standout?

There are some of the most admirable personality traits of Taurus people which suggest that they bear the sign of a great personality strength that is standout and different from others. Some of the notable traits are being mentioned in the following manners –

  • Reliable – With Taurus people around, one thing you are sure of – that such people can be trusted with any need you may encounter. This is perhaps the very virtue by which they win friends in their friendship circles, as they cultivate sense of trust and reliability among new people and turn them into friends.
  • Patient – Taurus people bear the personality sign of patience, which means even in provocative environment, you will find them not losing nerve and stick to the ground. Being patient is one of the most remarkable quality traits of these people as per their Taurus horoscope explaining that people born under the zodiac sign of Taurus have nerve like steel. It must be born in mind that not every Taurus could be a calm-minded fellow, as character trait is all subject to their birth chart or the explanation of their kundali.
  • Practical – Taurus people tend to have a realistic viewpoint about a situation or a person. This is the reason they are not easily fallen prey to illusionary friendship or anything alluring. This may also explain that Taurus people do not have sense of conceding to anything that doesn’t accord to their discretion. Being practical is what makes them different from the rest of people.

Weakness of Taurus people

If you are born under the sign of Taurus, there are chances that you may bear the following character weakness, however, it largely depends on your kundali and other astrological factors considered by an erudite astrologer.

  • Unyielding – it is said that Taurus people find it hard to accept anything or anyone that seems to challenge their own viewpoint or their ego. Being inflexible to situation or people is a character weakness which may sometimes land Taurus people in unfavorable situations not delivering them any good result. They are also misunderstood because of such character. Because of having uncompromising attitude, people take them as arrogant, which might explain as to why most of the Taurus-born people have no friends because of being stubborn.

Taurus people are also said to be possessive over something or someone, which explains as one of their character flaws, as per Taurus astrologer.

Things despised by Taurus people

It is likely that most of Taurus people do not like any situation or anything which may bear even semblance of insecurity for them. You may call it their paranoia or personal attitude, but they are characteristically displeased with anything that they feel doubtful.

They also do not love sudden changes in anything, be it their daily routine or personal activity that they have been doing on a routine basis.

At last, if you are Taurus-born individual and experience certain problems in your life due to reasons largely connected to astrology, you can find best and prompt solution of your personal issues with our renowned astrologer at PavitraJyotish, Mr. Umesh Pant. He is India’s some of the fewest leading astrologers, with profound knowledge and experience in astrology, and having popularity that is widespread in South Delhi, India, and the rest parts of the country. Continue reading

About libra zodiac sign and predictions related to it


Libra is the seventh sign as per zodiac calendar and is symbolized by “The Scale”. This airy sign is ruled by the planet, Venus. In addition, the symbolic scale sign denotes personality aspect of Librans as someone who knows how to maintain a perfect equilibrium between personal and professional life in an intelligent and apt manner. Saturn, which is considered the most malefic planet in the solar system, as per Vedic astrology and its principles, gets exalted in Libra. The zodiac sign also debilitates the ever powerful Sun, the fiery entity.

Knowing Libra

If you want to know about this zodiac sign and its effects on your life, Libra horoscope would be an effective remedial measure provided by reputable centers, including the most notable astro center called PavitraJyotish. Through years of profound experience and knowledge gained thereof, the complete and dependable Libra astrology solution is provided to the seekers. Moreover, the Libra astrological guidance through daily, weekly, monthly and yearly order is also provided by the center, thus allowing users to opt for the desired service in order to get familiar with Libra sun sign and related indications.

Libra Personality traits

Libra people endow personality trait of being handsome, civil, down to earth and cooperative. Their personality is charismatic and so they are a great sight to behold. Servitude is not in their life, for they are fated to bask in the abundance of happiness. They materialize an aura of peace and serenity around the world. However, such people are known for their mood swings and so are temperamental. Besides, being helpful to others is what makes them a great person and worthy for friendship.

Notable traits about Librans are that they have great leadership skill. They are endowed with strong personality and powerful dynamism which make them quite standout from others. The life philosophy of most Librans is that they do a lot of hard works for justice and equality. The task undertaken by them may not come closer to completion but at least they show great alacrity toward initiating a task. Librans are also admired for being a great listener which is somewhat a paradoxical attribute, considering they are said to be not able to focus attentively. In other words, though Librans are great listeners but their attention is hazy or up in the clouds.

Attractive features of Libra people

With creative intelligence, Librans are said to be idea innovators and trendsetters. Therefore, make no mistake when you watch world’s one of the most powerful leaders, Vladimir Putin, being trendsetter in most of the political activities, be it empowering his country’s defense system or creating a powerful persona on the world stage. The astrological zodiac sign of Mr. Putin is Libra. Another renowned Libran is Will Smith, who is accredited to be one of the most influential celebrities in the world, has been nominated five times for Golden Globe Awards and two Academy Awards and is the winner of four prestigious Grammy Awards. The achievements of these celebrities and the powerful personality they have created for themselves leave no room for doubts that Librans are capable of going against the odds to create success which becomes an inspiration for others.

To know more about your Libra predictions, consult to our renowned astrologer at PavitraJyotish. Timely assistance coupled with reliable remedial measures will be provided to you for your Libra related indications, and other problems caused by planetary transit and others related to astro.

Tips To Get Free Horoscope Prediction Service Online


What is horoscope in astrology? A horoscope is a diagram or chart representing position of the celestial bodies, such as Sun, planets and Moon. As per the principle of astrology, the horoscope is one of the most important aspects of foretelling the future of an individual. According to such prediction, an astrologer tells about how your life will go on in a given period of time or in its upcoming phase. Therefore, horoscope prediction holds its values in the occult science of astrology, as it offers the sum total of your life’s future outcome so that you can plan out your activities accordingly.

Importance of free horoscope prediction service online

The internet is a great means of accessing a wealth of information about astrology, including the service related to horoscope prediction. Considering how your life will be changed significantly the moment you come to know of how upcoming moments would define your life in future. This is truly a great help by which you can translate positivity in your life through the energy forces. Problems that would spell discomfort or hindrance in your life would be avoided by horoscope prediction. It doesn’t mean to state that it will change the nature cycle of what lies in your destiny but it can very much mitigate the malefic influence of your unfavourable planetary transit in your kundali.

How to access free astrology or horoscope prediction service online?

To access free horoscope online, you have to visit the website of an astrologer, say for example, PavitraJyotish, in this context. There on the site you will see the contact detail of the professional astrologer, for instance, Pt. Umesh Chandra Pant, a famous astrologer in India, thanks to his profound knowledge and experience in astrology.

Depending on your choice, such as personal consultation with the astrologer chosen or online, you can go for the option. The detail of the consultation charge will be there on the site and make sure you are familiar with the astrologer’s time of availability in this regard. Address and other details in this context will have on the site.

There are many people who want to have free kundali service under the belief that doing so would help them to understand if the particular astrologer is trustworthy with regard to his or her expertise that they offer. Well, that’s surely an excellent idea and you should follow this lest you encounter some charlatans. On the internet, caution must be exercised in all steps so that you meet with a professional who could be of your help.

To say in brief

Make sure you choose a right horoscope prediction service provider on the internet, considering not every so called professional there on the web can vouch for their expertise that they boast of. Free horoscope online service can surely benefit you to understand your future’s events so that you can plan out your activities and avoid unnecessary risks.

Explaining Panchang And Its Relevance


First of all, panchang is a word derived from Sanskrit that holds the meaning of five limbs. Here “Panch” stands for “five” and “Aang” stands for “limb”. According to Vedic Astrology, this simply denotes the meaning of FIVE ATTRIBUTES, such as Tithi, Nakshatra, Vara, Yoga, and Karana. So basically when you hire the service of daily panchang, you get many benefits that you may have not known before.

Explaining the attributes of panchang

The attribute of Tithi stands for something that bestows upon wealth, and the meaning of Nakshatra is something that has curative power of removing sins. At the same way, the meaning of Vara denotes the sense of longevity while yoga and karna denote disease and success in work respectively.

What are the uses of panchang?

If you subscribe to the service of daily or just today panchang from a renowned astrologer in India, say for example at PavitraJyotish, you get to know about the auspicious time for starting off a particular activity.

It simply demonstrates one of the most important things called auspicious time period in which you are astrologically allowed to do a particular kind of work or event. It is a long held belief that if certain event is not initiated under a proper consultation with the Pandit, then the event to be started in a particular day doesn’t hold its miracle charm.

In other words, it is not considered auspicious which is said to result in unsuccessful outcome.

The use of panchang is also seen in preparation of horoscope so that the astrologer you consult for solution of your problem related to planetary Doshas can determine the exact date for ritual to be done to pacify the Doshas. You can also say, the panchang simply offers a guiding principle for fixing something like vrata etc.

In Vedic Astrology, the importance of panchang holds great relevancy and this is the reason that it has been placed so reverently there. It should be born in mind that the use of panchang is not a new phenomenon but an old one, the eons past.

The use of panchang gets more vital in the context of the fact that it is a great guiding principle for helping you out with knowing if certain periods of time are favorable or not. For example, if you are not sure of whether the malefic planet like Rahu is going to disturb your life in an unpleasant way, your astrologer, with the help of panchang, can figure it out very easily.

This is perhaps one of the reasons as to why this is used over these years by many astrologers. It also tells if a particular time period is good enough to conduct any material activity. This is done keeping in mind that no malefic result is born out of performing a ritual under planetary Doshas. Panchang helps you a great deal in this regard

With the help of panchang, you get to know the position of celestial bodies like the Sun and planets.