The Role of Gemstone in Your Life

The Role of Gemstone in Your Life

It is of paramount importance that in our life, the experience of positive energy should be there, considering it delivers solution of many problems that hamper our growth. Unfortunately, there are many things translating positive things of our life into negative results, thus forcing our fate to give us none but malefic outcomes. Thanks to the astrology and by the way it has evolved over the past years, we are in a situation to challenge the ill-fated results in our life and can translate them into positive upshot. In astrology, there are various methods by which one can go through positive experiences in lives, and gemstone is one of the most helpful suggestions in this context.

What is gemstone?

The importance of gemstone finds its mention in Vedic astrology, which refers it as one of the most critical factors in liberating you from the problems causing stalemate in every aspect of your life; from finance, health to career and marriage etc. For any ordinary person without the knowledge of gemstone, it could simply mean a worthless stone. However, in astrology, it is viewed as bringer of positive results in life. Thankfully, you can buy gemstones online but make sure you buy it from a renowned astrologer in India, considering you will get original and authentic stone that carries real values and power to grow you positively in your life.

Which gemstone should I wear?

Among the countless gemstones available in the market, a prospective buyer naturally gets confused which one to wear for maximum positive effects in life. Well, we suggest original and Siddh (energised) gemstone, as such stone carries energy force that can positively transcend growth in your life or say can spell harmony in your marital life and other aspects of your life.

If you are going to buy gemstones online from a retailer, make sure you get it from a reliable Jyotish having years of experience and expertise in the matters associated with stone and astrology. Meanwhile, gemstone should be worn based on planetary connection of your zodiac sign in your kundali. Besides, there are many key factors about which you will know after consulting a professional astrologer.

What is the role of gemstone in my life?

When you are born, the time and place of your birth carries its weight of importance through your birth chart. It relays substantial information about the position of constellation, the sun, the moon, and many other celestial bodies. On the basis of the inputs, an astrologer predicts your future. It must be born in mind that correct prediction is entirely subjected to the correct details in your natal chart, otherwise erroneous prediction will bound to follow.

The role of gemstone is that if you have certain malefic planet in your kundali, and that planet is said to render in your life so many unwanted results like hampering your growth or progress or creating strife in your domestic life; then the gemstone is recommended to wear. It is like a protective shield that keeps negative influences at bay and thereby, it helps your domestic or personal life from encountering any unwanted problem.

You can wear gemstone in the middle finger, in the little finger or in the ring finger, according to the instructions given by your astrologer in relation with the planetary connection of your fate. For example, Blue Sapphire worn in the middle finger relates to reducing the malefic effect of planet Saturn. Ruby should be worn in the ring finger to dispel the effects of planet Sun and Mars.

Finally we can say that the role of gemstone in your life holds immense values. Make sure you don’t buy random gemstones without consulting to your astrologer. Just as we take medicine after consultation with a doctor, in the same way, the astrologer must be consulted about which gemstone you should wear based on planetary situation in your kundali. Only original and right gemstone can spell growth and positive results in your life.


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