Importance of Jupiter (Guru) Transit in Astrology

Importance of Jupiter Guru Transit in Astrology By PavitraJyotishJupiter, also known as Brihaspati, is the largest planet in the solar family. Accolades such as God of Justice and a Symbol of Wisdom led more gravity on the values of planet Guru. Besides, purity and meditation are certain elements represented by Guru Planet that which make it a worth-revering planet in its symbolic deity form. The position of Jupiter, as per the narrative of Vedic astrology, is exalted. Sagittarius and Pisces are zodiac signs ruled by Guru. Thursday is the most symbolic day representing Jupiter and it is believed that people born on this day endow the personality traits of integrity, rational thinking and sincerity because of the blessing of Jupiter.

Cyclic transit of Jupiter refers to the celestial development of this planet and the changes it brings forth in the lives of people ranging from growth in their personal and professional aspects to transition in career and finance, as well as other diversified sectors in their lives.

It must be noted that the astrological importance of Jupiter transit depends largely on your zodiac. For instance, when Guru Transits in Libra, the effects it delivers are positive ones for the Libra persons, as they find a diplomatic solution to various issues concerning with their lives.

Importance of Jupiter Transit in Astrology

Growth in the financial domain

Those suffering from monetary misery in their lives get a financial respite of a great deal because of benevolent Jupiter. Solutions to pending loans, loss in business and opportunity for new ideas and career growth are bound to happen with Jupiter transit. It is believed that, if positive headway is not being made in your career, it is solved by Jupiter transit, enabling you to shoulder your onus with ease and comfort in your career pursuit. Jupiter transit renders positive benefits to job seekers as well, as they land up in a gainful job situation.

Growth in wellbeing

The importance of Jupiter transit is that it brings forth perpetual growth and wellbeing in native’s lives. If someone has tried a lot to get the best return on investment from his invested money, he will get the positive result due to favorable Jupiter transit. A vacation pending for many days comes to its fruition, a decision to purchase a new vehicle gets materialized, and success in business comes due to Jupiter transit.

Solution to progeny issue

The transit of Jupiter leads to an effective solution about progeny or offspring of a person. Things related to birth, education, career, business etc. of your children get affected by the transit of Guru. It is advised that one must spend quality times with their offspring as it will reinforce the bond of relationship and dispel conflicts. Feuds associated with family or relatives also come to an easy sorting due to Jupiter transit.

Other benefits of Jupiter transit:

  • Transit of Jupiter in 2018 or any duration can produce the result of mental peace and wellbeing in the lives of people.
  • Positive results in religious and spiritual activities are bound to happen.
  • Physical wellbeing of a person improves.
  • Positive changes happen in business. Commercial expansion of your business thrives.

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